Getting to Amsterdam

Traveling by car

Getting to Amsterdam from Europe can be done by car. Parking in Amsterdam can be challenging and expensive, but the city offer P+R facilities on the outskirts of the city where cars can be parked for 1€/day.

Traveling by plane

Getting from the airport (Schiphol, code AMS) to the city or conference venue takes about 30 minutes; easiest is to take the NS train to Amsterdam Centraal (20 minutes) and then metro 51, 53 or 54. For the conference, exit at Weesperplein (5 minutes) and walk to the building (another 5 minutes), see Conference Venue.

Other airports are also well communicated with Amsterdam, such as Rotterdam airport (RTM, 1 hour by train), Eindhoven airport (EIN, 1.5 hours by train) or Brussels airport (Brussels City (BRU), not Brussels Charleroi (CRL)), which is 3 hours by train (2 hours by high speed trains). Please note that traveling by train is relatively expensive, at ~10€/hour.

Getting around in Amsterdam

Getting around in Amsterdam is easy; there are metro’s, buses and trams, and a lot can be done on foot. Google Maps generally gives the correct route for each transportation type. There are several options to travel around, the ones that better options are:

  • Paying with card (cash is not accepted in buses/trams): €3.00/trip (it allows transfers)
  • Getting a multi-day GVB ticket, which pays off if you take the bus/tram/metro 3 or more times a day.
    • Where to buy: Schipol, GvB yellow machines, I Amsterdam Visitor Center,, etc
    • More information and buy online:

Alternatively, Amsterdam is a bike-friendly city. The conference venue itself has a free underground parking lot for over 500 bikes.

Tips for cycling
  • Remember to bike on the right side of the road.
  • Signal with your hand when turning.
  • Cross tram tracks at a perpendicular angle so you don’t fall.
  • Make sure you have working front and rear lights when cycling at night, otherwise you may receive a fine.
  • When people are walking in the bicycle lanes, use your bell to let them know you are coming up behind them.
  • At intersections without a yield designation, yield to the cyclist/motorist on the right.
  • Don’t ride directly next to or behind trucks and other large vehicles as they will not be able to see you.
  • Don’t park your bike by signs that say ‘Hier geen fietsen plaatsen’ (Do not park bikes here).
  • Be cautious and have fun!