Presenter information

This page provides information for delegates presenting at IC2S2, as well as the session chairs.

Attendance certificates. We are aware that some people require a certificate of attendance for administrative reasons. If you need this, then please send an e-mail to and we will attempt to process your request within two weeks after the conference.

Poster presenter instructions

  • Posters should be made at A0 size in portrait format. Larger or landscape formats cannot be displayed.
  • There is no predefined style or template.
  • You can already put up your poster from 8:30 in the morning onwards, and it can be on display during the entire day. You have to take it down yourself at the end of the day.
  • You can identify your poster spot based on a little paper sign with your paper ID, author names or title, which you can remove after putting up your poster. Attachment materials are available.
  • Authors are expected to be at their posters during the designated poster session in the afternoon.
  • During lunch, poster presenters may also spend time around their poster to chat with other conference attendants, as the lunch location is the same as the poster session location.
  • If you want, you can leave your rolled up poster for the night in the wardrobe, so that you do not have to drag it along to the reception or dinner.
  • A local printing facility close to the venue is Printerette (this is not a conference or university service, but is nearby at Roetersstraat 10-b).

Presenter instructions

  • All presentation rooms are equipped with a beamer and 16:9 widescreen screen and HDMI and VGA connections.
  • Attached to it is a Windows desktop machine, equipped with a USB port, connected to the internet and able to display PDF and Powerpoint files.
  • Presentations are 15 minutes in length, including a recommended 3 minutes for questions (Q&A). The chair will assist you in adequately keeping track of time.
  • You are highly recommended to put your presentation on the local computer in the break preceding your session. Use your own equipment at your own risk (i.e., non-functioning hardware eats into your presentation time).
  • Please make yourself known to the session chair during the preceding break by arriving in the room 15 minutes before the start of the session.

Session chair instructions

  • Please arrive at sessions you are chairing at least 15 minutes before they start.
  • Please organize the speakers before the session starts:
    • check that all speakers are present
    • ask speakers to save their slides on the presentation computer
    • ask speakers to sit in the front rows so they can come to the podium easily
  • Please help to ensure that everyone in the audience has a seat (e.g., ask people to make room, or move to the front rows).
  • Session timing:
    • Attendees will often move between sessions to see specific speakers at IC2S2, so it is important that each talk sticks to its assigned time.
    • Please keep track of the timing for each talk, making sure speakers start and end at the assigned time.
    • Please use cue cards (that will be provided) to inform speakers of the number of minutes they have remaining.
    • If the speaker leaves enough time, please moderate a short Q&A after each talk (but do not go over their assigned time slot).
    • If a speaker does not show up, do not start the next presentation early; just take a break until the next speaker’s start time.
  • Together with the dedicated student assistant present in each room, attempt to resolve any issues as smoothly as possible.